About Our Chocolates


Our chocolates are not the conventional type of chocolate that is mass produce. Our chocolate is made out of the purest and highest quality ingredients and is handmade in a small family run factory just outside Zurich, Switzerland.

Teuscher chooses the finest ingredients, such as Dom Perignon Champagne used in our Champagne Truffles.  The chocolate that is used in our products is 100% fair trade.

Our chocolates contain no preservatives, additives, chemicals nor chemical colourings. Teuscher uses spinach leaves and beet roots to colour the marzipan. 

Because our lack of preservatives, our cased chocolates do have a shelf life of about 2-8 weeks (depending on the praline or chocolate), so make sure to eat it as soon as possible to ensure freshness! Not that that would be a difficult task..

Key Terms :

Truffles: what makes a truffle a truffle is the creamy ganache centre. It is made from fine chocolate and cream or butter.

Gianduja: the Italian word 'gianduja' refers to a fine praline filling in which milk, white or dark chocolate is ground with confectioner's sugar and hazelnuts (or almonds or walnuts). The Teuscher Gianduja is ground in a triple milll machine without adding any other kind of oil or fat.

Marzipan: A mixture of sugar and almonds

Praline: Praline filling is quite similar to the gianduja group (sugar, nuts and chocolate); however, the difference lies in the process of production.

Fructose Chocolate: Chocolate using the natural fruit sweetener, fructose, instead of sugar. May be eaten by people who have diabetes. There is a section of the website designated to fructose chocolate.