The Teuscher Story


Over 70 years ago, in a small town in the Swiss Alps, a humble chocolate maker embarked on a journey that soon made him one of the world's greatest chocolatiers, and establish his as one of the biggest names in the chocolate world.

In 1932 Dolf Teuscher and his wife opened a small bakery and confectionary shop in Toesstal, Switzerland. Soon after moving their shop to Zurich, Mr Teuscher had eyed two champagne buckets one evening and dreamt of an odd type of truffle called a Champagne Truffle. The next morning he immediately got to work and turned this dream into a reality. Immediately after perfecting his recipe, the truffles became a smash hit.

Dolf Teuscher thoroughly searched the world to locate the finest cocoa, marzipan, fruits, nuts and other ingredients and spent years experimenting and ameliorating his recipes into his now famous crafts. The use of Dom Perignon in the Champagne Truffles proves the devotion to quality.

The first known use of cocoa beans was 600 years ago. Cocoa beans were introduced to the world by the Aztecs who used them to prepare a hot, frothy beverage, which contained restorative and stimulant properties; this drink was strictly reserved for tribe nobility and religious ceremonies. About 100 years later, the Spanish conquistadors brought these magical beans back to Europe, and hot chocolate became a well established drink in wealthy homes. The solid chocolate that we have grown to know and love today was invented in the 1800s by Dutchman Van Houten. Soon, chocolate makers began to produce imaginative shapes out of chocolate.

The kitchens in Zurich today make more than one hundred varieties of chocolates using recipes that have been passed from father to son. Keeping to the Teuscher tradition, the world's finest and most expensive ingredients are blended together using absolutely no chemicals, additives nor preservatives.

Always fresh, the confections are prepared each 1-2 weeks and are flown immediately to the stores around the world. This way, the chocolates continue to live up to our promise of quality and taste.

There is a reason Oprah named Teuscher's Champagne Truffle her favourite truffle.

Come in to see for yourself!

"the best all-around chocolatier." Gail Greene, New York Magazine

"for chocolate lovers... many connoisseurs consider Teuscher to be the world's finest." Mimi Sheraton, New York Times

"the most meltingly marvelous of all chocolate creations." Bon Appetit